Welcome to Wuchna

Wuchna = World + Suchna = Information you can 'use', for everyone across the globe

The way we see the world is this: Information by itself is worthless, if it does not empower you. Information should be presented in a way that makes most sense to consumers, collated in a fair and transparent-manner, AND should be provided with the tools to use it easily.

The aim of Wuchna.com is to be not-just a collection of USEFUL information (opinions, articles or listings) but also present ways that make it easy for you to use it.

For example, Business Directories today provide a list of 50 vendors around you, for any given query, including those at the top which advertise with them, regardless of their actual quality, and sell your query to the vendors.

Our approach is different - we would rather provide a list of the BEST 3 vendors around you, (based on fair factors like with their ratings, portfolio, and relevance) BUT also provide their direct phone numbers/chat/email ID/location-map, so you can contact/visit them directly - no form fillings, no inconvenience.




To get listed on the site, or discuss any concerns regarding a listing, please mail us at info@wuchna.com.
For other stuff, please drop an SMS to Gaurav at +91-9871002345 - please don't call without an appointment, that's rude!